I've struggled to determine how to best share page updates and game releases. On one hand, I really want to reserve Wicked Platypus as a space for writing for writing's sake, not as a space for site news. On the other hand, I want the site to be functionally self-contained, and so people should be able to keep tabs on site updates entirely independently of social media. I could maintain a separate blog and/or RSS feed for those non-blog updates, but that becomes an inelegant solution. There should only be one feed for new content I publish.

So, I've decided to publish these sort of update posts in the blog proper, but I intend to keep them functionally brief and clearly preface the title with "update:" or "release:" as is appropriate. I feel like this is the best way to respect the blog as a space that should otherwise be a "destination" on the internet rather than a thing that simply redirects people to other content.


On that note, today, I've released Cardinger, the physical printed version of Card Games vs Literary Characters at the End of the World. It is available for purchase on the print-on-demand service The Game Crafter. If you liked Card Games vs Literary Characters, and you ever wanted to play it with humans instead of a computer, this is for you! Thank you.