You come across a clearing in the wood. In the clearing, a small troll is sitting on a stump hunched over a plastic takeout container of lo mein. She ceases her slurping and greets you gleefully.

A troll slurps lo mein noodles.

"Nyergh heh heuh! It seemed to me, in the aughts, that it was more common for personal and creative websites to feel like places. Places that could be explored. Places with secrets. Places where, if you wanted to find the cool picture of a Lego robot you liked, or a hidden flash animation, or a GIF of a dancing baby, you had to follow just the right hyperlinks. You had to know the place.

"Now, this may not seem like particularly user-friendly web design, and that is true to the extent that websites are just containers for other content, other media. But, to the extent that websites are pieces of art in themselves, well, I just think they should be interesting as spaces in themselves. Don't you think?"

The troll points her plastic fork at you (she is not adept with chopsticks) and nods to herself affirmingly. "Maybe it's just nostalgia, or maybe I was just easily impressed by the web as a child. But I would like this website to be more than a container for words, games, and biographical information. A good website should be a place that should be explored. It should be labyrinthine. It should have dead ends, and oddities, and secrets. And so... here I am!" She gestures at herself proudly. "To the best of my knowledge, I am the first oddity of this space.

"There is not much more than me, yet. Maybe there'll never be more than me. But maybe... just maybe... this website will one day be full of secret GIFs..." The troll gazes wistfully into the forest. "I can only hope. I love GIFs."

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