A Day by the River

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How to Fly is a psychedelic side-scrolling art game I made in high school. You play as a bird who flies to the east, eats mosquitoes in mid-flight, and observes strange events in the distance.

Here's the download.

The teenage me tried to force a bunch of symbolism in there that I myself no longer understand. Games as art/poetry was entering the public consciousness in the late aughts, and I took the wrong lessons from the trend. At the time, I wanted to be the next Jason Rohrer or something, which is funny, because he is now one of the last people I would want to be. But, since I am making the comparison, I will claim that How to Fly is, in fact, a better game than Passage.

What does it mean? Play it and (maybe) find out! I will admit that, despite its shortcomings, I am still proud of the game's aesthetic.

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