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Waker was a fantasy narrative adventure game that I was largely developing by myself from 2012-2014. Ashton Morris was handling the audio. It was one of my many failed attempts at making a solo indie masterwork: was to be a full-length game with distinct puzzles and a branching story. A fair amount of people (strangers, even!) were excited about it at the time.

Here's the download. Use F5/F6 to save/load. The game ends when you reach Eldria, which I did not populate.

The last build I created consists of about half of the planned story. What lead to the demise of the game wasn't the scope itself as much as the fact that I had outgrown the project. I also think that my attempts at social commentary in it are awkward at best. That said, there are still a few really neat things happening visually and narratively. I still love Sue the Poggle, who served as inspiration for the Poggles in the Danger Zone Friends series.

From what I remember, my intention for the remainder of the game was for the decisions you made in the first half to determine who lives and dies during the final battle in Eldria, as the protagonist fights the villain, Feirn, in both the monochrome and color worlds. The planned twist at the end was that the protagonist is not the hero of the story - Frelia is. While she is captured by the villain, and the protagonist finds a magic sword, when he tries to kill the villain, he flounders due to his ineptitude, drops the sword, and is ultimately killed. Frelia then picks up the sword and defeats Feirn in battle. The protagonist, dead in the color world, awakens in the monochrome world and finds buckets of paint hidden in the office building, which he shares with his coworker, Francis. The final scene is of them painting the world.

As for the subplots with Gammon, Sue, and other characters... I had probably dozens of planned outcomes ranging from "(nearly) every character dies and Gammon is freed," to "everyone lives and Gammon is defeated."

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