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I've showcased my games at festivals, exhibitions, and conventions in the Mid-Atlantic US, starting in 2017 as a member of Underground Arcade Collective, and in 2021 as an individual exhibitor. Events I've showcased at include Artscape, Comic Con for Kids, Cecil Con, and Colorspace Labs' First Friday Indie Arcade. If you want me to showcase my work at your event or exhibition space, drop me a line at!

Underground Arcade Collective

The Underground Arcade showcase booth from Artscape 2019

Our table at Artscape 2019. Photo credit: John D. Moore

Underground Arcade collective is a small group of indie/hobbyist game developers consisting of myself, Stephen Thomas, and John D. Moore. We seek to promote our DIY attitude towards media creation, especially video games, by showcasing our collection of "garage games" and promoting free and accessible game making tools to everyone.

We collectively showcased our games from 2017-2019. At our peak, we would showcase 12 of our games at once! However, as a group, we have been inactive ever since the pandemic.

Underground Arcade High Score Hall of Fame

We wish to immortalize those who have proven their mettle. The top scores for all games at all events (starting July 2018) are as follows:

Dr. Creepinscare's Pumpkin Patch Match Calvin 8600 Colorspace Lab's First Friday Arcade November 2019
Arbeejeetyet? Carlos 719 Comic Con for Kids October 2019
Astro-Path Phil 8600 Charm City Meadworks August 2019
Aaargh! Condor Mr. Older 1490 Artscape July 2019
Bloodjak II Dom 11,070 Artscape July 2019
Fungilluminati William 13,230 Artscape July 2019
Koi Puncher MMXVIII DDD 62 Koi in 2 Minutes Artscape July 2019
Monster Truck Power Fantasy Dom 47,600 Artscape July 2019
Soul Eater Liz 6728 Artscape July 2019
Star Kid Kai 5443 Artscape July 2019
Bloodjak Jordan 3926 Artscape July 2018
Diablow Calvin 15,505 Artscape July 2018
Mutant Hightway Caleb 1483 Artscape July 2018

Game Making Tools

Game-making is for everyone! You might be surprised by how easy it is to make a game with some of these tools. Tools that use "visual programming" are those where you don't have to write code or learn a programming language to make the game - you program the game's logic by dragging boxes around and filling out fields and checking checkboxes and the like. While nobody should be afraid to learn to code (it's not that bad!), these are great tools if you don't want to, or you're not able to, or you're a younger kid. Tools that are "code optional" use either conventional written code or visual programming.

Genre-specific Tools

General Tools

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